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Participating functional practices

To learn more about practices and offices participating in this event, please have a look at the list below.

Digital McKinsey

Digital transformation is on nearly all CEO agendas as it presents opportunities for companies to reinvent themselves by operating, innovating, and organizing more effectively.

Digital McKinsey works with clients during all stages of the digital journey from setting the vision and strategy to building new digital products, services and whole businesses. We work closely with leaders in key functions from IT to marketing and operations to apply  technology solutions to transforms their functions.

In this, our diverse team of 2,100 consultants and experts located in over 60 countries works on topics such as: big data, agile, cloud computing, cyber security, analytics and large digital transformations. 

Marketing & Sales

As one of McKinsey’s largest practices, Marketing & Sales Practice has extensive experience in developing marketing and sales strategies for leading companies of all major industries, including consumer goods, financial services, retail, telecommunications, and logistics. We serve almost all of the top 20 global brands. Our clients benefit from our experience in core areas of marketing such as customer experience, digital marketing, pricing, sales and channel management, marketing strategy, branding and advanced analytics. Our people help clients win the consumer decision journey, organize for digital leadership, and master multichannel for sales excellence. We not only collaborate with all our clients to generate actionable insights; we also help implement solutions and build the capabilities for further growth.

More than 450 Marketing & Sales experts in our global practice offer real-world experience and extensive knowledge in disciplines from pricing to branding to digital marketing. Our partners include former marketing and sales executives from top global consumer products and marketing companies, PhDs in marketing, social scientists, copywriters, and agency veterans. We also have more than 50 market specialists in the Consumer Shopper Insights service and Consumer Marketing Analytics Center groups, who do leading-edge econometric modeling, in-depth research, including field work for clients and also develop proprietary tools with clients. 


The McKinsey Operations Practice, founded in 1997, is the largest organization of its kind in the world. We help our clients tackle challenges in capital productivity, product development, purchasing, manufacturing, supply chain management, service operations, quality and compliance, and implementation. Our teams combine the comprehensive business understanding that underpins all McKinsey disciplines with practical operations expertise in a wide range of industries worldwide.


Risk Management Practice was created to address the topics of professional risk identification and risk management, which are key topics in top management and are becoming decisive factors for success for an increasing number of companies. Within our Risk Management Practice, consultants work on either comprehensive strategy-oriented topics in which we provide a perspective on risk, or on developing tailored concepts for identifying, measuring, and managing risk. The implications for businesses range from specific improvements to the strategic repositioning of individual business areas or even entire companies.

Our clients include the world‘s largest financial services providers; international banks; and insurance and industrial companies from the automotive, energy, aerospace, and transportation and logistics industries. We develop theoretically sound and pragmatic solutions at the top-management level and implement them together with the client. Worldwide, we have over 280 consultants working on topics in risk management. McKinsey’s Risk Practice offers an exceptional opportunity to take a truly global, cross-sector, cross-functional view of risk issues, combining deep industry insight and strategic skills with a structured risk management approach, proven methodologies focused on true transformation, analytical tools, and practical implementation.